My 6 word memoirs about Friends

Friends make life sweeter and fuller.

Friends KEEP secrets because they’re confidential.
Friends REVEAL secrets when it’s necessary.

Friends wholeheartedly support your worthwhile causes.
Friends halfheartedly support your frivolous ventures.

Friends bear your wrath without flinching.
Friends know to duck and deflect.

Friends tell the truth, most times.
Friends lie when the situation dictates.

Friends tag along to police stations.
Friends ride along looking for parking.

Friends save you from dire circumstances.
Friends let you fall, arms outstretched.

Friends cry and wipe sad tears.
Friends laugh and wipe happy tears.

Friends talk without saying any words.
Friends know what you are thinking.

Friends are family by other parents.
Friends serve as our life complements.

By VRBurton Posted in GNOWP

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