she wanted me back

She’s just a girl herself, but she got me back from the foster mother she’d given me away to because my mom is better than Ms. Jones. I have 5 brothers with Ms. Jones and I don’t like it.

Mommy has to go to school and work and leaves me with grandma a lot but she sings to me when she gets home. She talks to me too, saying things like “a simile is the comparison of unlike things using and or like.” I don’t know what she is talking about but it makes me feel sleepy and safe.

Ms. Jones didn’t talk to me.  She left John to talk to me and he made me feel yucky cuz he always took a long time changing my clothes and looked at me funny. Mommy counts when she changes my clothes. 1,3,4,5,a,b,d. Mommy loves me.

I am glad she got me back. She tells me that she is sorry. She was scared but she loves me so much she doesn’t want to let me go. I love her. Grammy loves me. I love grammy too. I am happy to be home.

By VRBurton Posted in GNOWP

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