Always too much

If she was a bodybuilder, she’d be the one at the gym all day.

If she has to bring snack, she would be baking for days and days before and would bring a 4 course meal.

Susan always does just a little too much.  In school she is the first to turn in her work and the first to want to present it. Why?  Because if she didn’t, she wasn’t at peace. She needed to DO!!

Susan has OCD and if she doesn’t throw herself into a task she feels great anxiety.  That must be uncomfortable. To always feel so anxious that THAT YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING.  If she was a ballerina, she would practice until her feet bled.  If she was a writer she would HAVE TO WRITE until she was done. But when is that?

How sad is that?

By VRBurton Posted in GNOWP

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