Studying Shakespeare’s Languge

1. Using statues to SHOW the representation of emotions/tones:

  • ambition, fear, bravery, deception, respect and honor

2. Use lines of text for statues to show tones

  • “All hail Macbeth” HONOR
  • “King that shall be” AMBITION
  • “Fair is foul and foul is fair” CONFUSION
  • “I have no words My voice is in my sword” ANGER

3. Group tableaux

  • A little water clears us of the ded
  • hell is murky
  • there’s daggers in men’s smiles
  • look like innocent flower, but  r serpent under it

After each presentation – Ask Questions

Other ways to get students involved in the language

  • improvisations
  • mime
  • role play
  • group readings
  • scene cuttings
  • standing up a scene


Tis a pageant to keep us in false gaze


Syntax Walk




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