Breaking down a writing prompt

The 2012 released topics

The prompt: Read the poem carefully.  Then write a well developed essay in which you analyze how poetic devices help convey the speaker’s complex attitude toward desire.

Attitude towards desire in lines 1-4

desire = web of will, fool’s self-chosen snare, fancy’s scum, and dregs, never wrought


why is it capitalized? anger because he has caused problem himself

mangled mind = screwed with thoughts

thy worthless ware = worthless thing

too long asleep = wasted too much time

BUT = shift

in vain thou has my ruin sought = you have tried to bring me down

in vain thou madest me to vain things aspire = you tried to make me want foolishness

in vain thou kindlest = you tried to consume me but in vain

for virtue hath

desiring naught but how to kill desire = I want nothing but to get rid of desire

Lit devices

  • apostrophe
  • rhyme
  • alliteration
  • structure



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