My childhood kitchen

When I was younger I lived in an apartment building and the kitchen was the smallest space in the house.  It was right off of the front door and had a large window that let in lots of light. We ate at the kitchen counter on orange bar stools.

I smell…. food. I have no memories of certain foods but I know that my single parent mom cooked for us daily and smelled seasoning, daily.  Spaghetti and meat sauce, baked chicken, meat loaf and mashed potatoes, lasagna, stew, shrimp stew and gumbo are just a few of the wonderful dishes that we enjoyed.

In the kitchen I hear talking.  Anxious talking by hyper kids but no arguing or yelling.  My kitchen was a great place for sharing, eating and winding down.

I can still taste spaghetti and shrimp stew.  I taste tuna fish sandwiches and saltine crackers and hot tea.  I have fond memories of pineapple upside down cakes and cinnamon toast. Yummmm!!!

From my kitchen I saw

  • the skating rink
  • a man getting blown across the ice and around the corner
  • people who looked like fleas because we were 10 flights up
  • kool-aid in the refrigerator
  • pictures on the refrigerator and window
  • a phone on the wall with the circular dialing thingy
  • good memories and great fun

My mom is awesome.

Topic came from Morning Warm ups


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