My mom

Here is a list poem about my mom, Joyce.  Joyce ….

  • can make me laugh
  • can make me cry
  • likes to be right
  • takes good care of her ex-husband because he is the father of her children
  • will battle all of life’s demons to defend her kids
  • has worked to make a loving and caring place for her kids
  • served as s teacher/counselor for more that 30 years
  • works hard for D.S.T. in a variety of ways
  • uses her words to battle against the injustices she sees
  • was a crazy QVC shopper when they hit they scene
  • helped to raise two great grand-children
  • remembers to put her mother’s eye-drops in her eyes everyday
  • loves arts and craft stuff, not so much now, but still
  • spends her money wisely
  • gave up smoking
  • lost a lot of weight (she did not do the two things together though)
  • contributes to worth causes
  • walks with a limp (she has 1 titanium knee and is putting off having the other one done)
  • loves and is loved like CRAZY



Teachers Write 2 – Monday Warm Up


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