Please baby pt 2


was one of our wonderfully, creative and resourceful instructional leaders today. 

For her activity we had to identify the appeals within one of our pieces.

The focus of the lesson was on

  • Pathos: emotional appeal – either positive or negative
  • Ethos: appeals to your authority
  • Logos: logical appeals – data

We were to take an earlier writing and find

1. anywhere you tried to get an emotional reaction out of the person.  Did you try to get sympathy or frighten them or make them feel guilty.  Highlight that with one color

2. Did you try to show that it makes perfect sense, is logical or rational of you to have x

3. Did you try to show that you deserve x or that you can be trusted with x.

I revisited the letter to my boyfriend and tried to do this.

Hey Schweetie,

How are you? I am in class and part of our assignment is to create a letter of request to someone.  I chose to write to you and my request is for a DATE NIGHT.  Not a date night but a DATE NIGHT.  I want us to do 3 things (well 4 but I don’t think that THAT should be included in this email that I have written in class. I’ll write you another if with that information in it if you think that it will help. ;p)

The three things that I want to do are go to: dinner, movie and WINO.  Yes a meal, a movie AND a couple of glasses of wine afterward.  That means that you would have to find time to dedicate the WHOLE evening to you and me.  You work hard but forget to play hard Here would be your opportunity to let your hair down and have a good time.

You have been stressed, over worked and under appreciated and need the break.  I want you to have the opportunity to wind down and regroup so that you can better focus on the work that must be done. You are well aware of the fact that a computer needs to turned off for routine maintenance., well, so do people.  YOU NEED DOWNTIME and I would like to help facilitate that.

Look at your calendar for the next couple of weeks and let me know when we can do this.  Be advised that if I do not hear from you about it, I am going to pester you about it because I do think that it is important.

Smooches, love you.


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