My name is

Alice was the instructional leader for this assignment.  She told us to examine our names.  We were told to discuss how we got it, what it meant, whether or not we liked it, what we would change it to and how it fits our personalities.

My name is Valerie Rochelle Burton

I looked it up on several sites and this is what I found out

  • Gender:  Girl
  • Origin:  Latin
  • Meaning:  To be healthy, strong

  • Similar Names:
  • Valerie ( French )
  • Valerio ( Italian )
  • Valeria ( Italian )
  • Valeria ( Portuguese )
  • Balere ( Basque )
  • Name Information: Boy or Girl
  • Origin of name: English
  • Meaning:             Strong; valiant. Feminine of the Roman family clan name Valerius

My name, Valerie Rochelle Burton, was given to me by my mother.  I was born on Thanksgiving Day while she was making the turkey.  I was a week early so she had not really decided what to name me. She was battling with the name Theodora and realized that she did not want to burden me with that name and instead chose the name VALARIE from a soap opera character.  I don’t know where the Rochelle came from.  She spelled my name VALARIE but the nurse told her that that was not the most common spelling of the name so it was changed to VALERIE.  My birth certificate shows this change. It reads VALARIE typed in and then scratched out with VALERIE written next to it.  I have always taken this as an omen.  I was born to be unusual but was told to change and be usual.  Hmmmm… Is that an issue with me?  Counseling needed?!?  No, don’t think so.  That is me and I am who I am.

I am satisfied with my name.  It is a good describer of me… Valerie = valiant or victorious.  That is what I am and have always been.  Sometimes I need to remind myself but then I think about zodiac signs, I am a Sagittarius, the hunter.  C’mon how can I not believe in omens, I was given an unsusual name that means valiant, born on Thanksgiving, love the color red and was born under the sign of the hunter.  Not that my love of the color red means that the hunter in me loves blood orrrrr maybe it just means that the hunter in me loves victory.  I think that my path in life was already decided?  I do.

I am not like everyone else.  I am unusual and unique.  My name is not an indicator of race: it is not a black or a white name. I call it gray. I also call myself gray. I am a mixture of black and white. (Not to offend anyone but Whites are Proper and Blacks are … Colorful.)   Some people refer to me as an Oreo. I believe that has more to do with my northern standoffish upbringing than an actual aloofness.  Although if you ask the kids I went to high school with, they would disagree. They often say that I thought that I was better than them.  Which to me is ludicrous because I did not THINK that I was better than them I KNOW that I was better than them.  Not because they were beneath me but because I was above them.  My mom raised me to believe that I was a Princess and not a commoner.   Again not meaning to insult anyone but hey that is me and who I am.


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