Please baby, baby, Pleeease

Description of my reader:

Robert is a very organized, quiet person with OCD tendencies.  He is very kind and considerate and has a problem saying no to people.  Just the opposite of me. It is because this problem he has of not being able to say no that he does not have the opportunity to say yes to loved ones.  He can’t say yes to me because he has already said yes to his boss, or his boss’s boss, or his neighbor, or his ex-wife, or his step-daughter, or his dog/cat/partridge who lives in a pear tree.

Hey Schweetie,

How are you? I am in class and part of our assignment is to create a letter of request to someone.  I chose to write to you and my request is for a DATE NIGHT.  Not a date night but a DATE NIGHT.  I want us to do 3 things (well 4 but I don’t think that THAT should be included in this email. I’ll write you another if with that information in it if you think that it will help. ;p)  The three things are: dinner, movie and WINO.  Yes a meal, a movie and a couple of glasses of wine afterward.  That means that you would have to find time to dedicate the WHOLE evening to me.


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