I am now a Writer

I have decided to fully embrace the writing challenge that has been presented to me. I am creating yet another blog to chronicle my journey through the Greater New Orleans Writing Project Summer Institute and my other summer writing activities.

My assignments will be based on

GNOWP topics

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I want to publish my work, not because I think that it is GREAT but because ….. that is what I do.


7/2 weekly reflection

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My 6 word memoirs about Friends

Friends make life sweeter and fuller.

Friends KEEP secrets because they’re confidential.
Friends REVEAL secrets when it’s necessary.

Friends wholeheartedly support your worthwhile causes.
Friends halfheartedly support your frivolous ventures.

Friends bear your wrath without flinching.
Friends know to duck and deflect.

Friends tell the truth, most times.
Friends lie when the situation dictates.

Friends tag along to police stations.
Friends ride along looking for parking.

Friends save you from dire circumstances.
Friends let you fall, arms outstretched.

Friends cry and wipe sad tears.
Friends laugh and wipe happy tears.

Friends talk without saying any words.
Friends know what you are thinking.

Friends are family by other parents.
Friends serve as our life complements.

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Who are you?

I am Me

He sits in the back of the class, sitting and wondering.  Thinking, about all of the chaos and confusion that surrounds him. He wonders why the rest of the class must be so boisterous. Why they seem to always want noise and turmoil?  They are often angry with him because he refuses to join in with their mayhem.

Why can’t they just sit down, be still and listen.

Why does everything have to be such a commotion?  Anarchy?

Does life really have to be so muddled?

They always look to him to join into their laments about teachers, principals and The Man. He understands why because to them he is a symbol of The Rebel.  To them he seems to be the black sheep.  To them he seems to be the Alpha Male.


Because he doesn’t look like them.  He is not all white and pink and cuddly looking.  HE has a black Mohawk with red trimming.  To them he looks like the Rebel without a Cause.

They are so wrong.

He is not a rebel and he does have a cause.  There is no confusion or angst about him. He knows what he wants.

He wants Order. Why does that seem so strange?

What kind of character are you?

Are you ambitious, quiet, helpful, needy, confident, shy, colorful, jovial, somber or restless?

Is your appearance a true reflection of who you are? Do you look quiet and sweet yet act unruly and tenacious?

Is your appearance a true reflection of who you are? Do you look rebellious and daring yet act angelic and amenable?

What is in a look?

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